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Awesomatix Tool V2

MSRP: $19.50
(You save $4.51 )
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All parts must not exceed 130 F (55 C). Failing to do so can cause warping and deformation of 3D printed plastic.

 now available is the awesomatix tool V2!

Whats new ?

-new diff half design that has better fitment and is easier to hold.

-a much more durable diff hex that has 5x the material of the original tool.

Rebuilding Awesomatix dampers can present a challenge sometimes.  One of those being removing the damper screw-on cap.  The SPR0 slot in the damper blade can flange out slightly making it difficult to remove the bearing.  This tool makes it simple to push off the damper cap assembly.  Also integrated is a wrench to unscrew the damper cap and push the o-ring and bearing back into the assembly after replacing the cap and bleeding the shock.  Lastly integrated in the tool is a diff wrench.  This helps unscrew the diff halves when rebuilding.