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HD Anti-Tuck system

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All 3D-Printed parts must not exceed 130 F (55 C). Failing to do so can cause warping and deformation of the plastic.
6 - 3x5 button head screws

We’ve all had it happen at the worst possible time, a body tuck.  They’re inevitable when racing with other cars.  There’s only a few anti-body tuck options available today and they don’t guaranty a tuck will be prevented.  This new system from Helix Design is not just a another gimmick solution.  It’s bold to say they will 100% stop a tuck from happening.  However from all the testing that has been done so far this statement is currently true.

The HD Anti-Tuck system was first Tested at the On-Road Reedy Race of Champions 2017.  Several top drivers, including Awesomatix driver Viljami Kutvonen, used the HD Anti-Tuck system during the entire event.  In several occasions Viljami incurred hits to the rear, not one time did his body tuck.

 The HD Anti-Tuck system adds approximately 3 grams Plus the weight of the screws to the back of the car .  No noticeable handling effects have been report by those that have done testing.